Something for Festival Goers...

The first year I went to Glastonbury Festival I awoke on the Monday morning to find a field of devastation. Abandoned tents, air beds, chairs and piles of rubbish everywhere. It was a scene I'd witnessed at other festivals, but after always viewing Glastonbury as a very green festival it disappointed me to see the fields left in a state.

Before leaving I made the word 'Glasto' out of litter - the 'G' out of bottles, the 'L' out of shoes... Then sat and watched people trudge through it unaware in their zombified post-festival state.

After working at a festival last year; once the fields had been vacated; I documented the debris. A group of non-English speakers - with a leader that didn't like the look of my camera, removed the poles from the tents which were then scooped up and dumped into a giant bin!

I didn’t move or arrange anything that I photographed.

I found this ironic!

"Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!" - My Dad/Chief Si'ahl (Chief Seattle)

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